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We hope you'll say "yes" to UC Riverside because a unique student like you is the heart of UCR.

We welcome your individuality, your passion, and your voice. Your commitment keeps us on our toes, and we love that about you. Our campus needs your kind of real energy — and if you choose UCR, we promise we’ll never let it fade. SIR to UCR today and claim your place at America’s fastest-rising ranked university! (U.S. News & World Report, 2019)


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Dates & Deadlines

Once you’ve made the decision to say "YES" to UCR, add these important reminders to your calendar. For more admissions information, explore Frequently Asked Questions.



Admission notifications begin
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March 1

Housing contracts become available

May 1

Deadline to submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) — Deadline extended to May 14

May 10

Deadline to submit housing contract and first payment

June 8

Deadline to register for Highlander Orientation

July 1

Deadline to submit your final, official high school transcript

July 15

Deadline to submit your official AP, IB, and A-Level exam scores

Sept. 20

Fall quarter begins


If you have questions regarding any of these dates and deadlines, contact Highlander One-Stop Shop (for anything related to Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Student Business Services, or Undergraduate Admissions) or Housing.


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Cost & Fees

The cost of attending UC Riverside is extremely competitive with private institutions and other University of California campuses.

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2020-21 Estimated Cost of Attendance

California Resident

Real Highlander Stories

Find out what #LifeAtUCR will be like from current UCR students. Watch this video and discover why these Highlanders chose UCR and why they're so happy they did.


Exceptional Faculty

We’ll challenge you with our world-class faculty, including two Nobel Laureates, a Pulitzer Prize winner, countless social activists, and world influencers. We’ll stimulate you with undergraduate research opportunities that can start as early as your first year. We’ll support you academically, mentally, and emotionally — and we’ll set you up for a lifetime of curiosity. Your commitment will shape this world in surprising ways — and these are just a few of the amazing people who are committed to making sure that happens. Get inspired, challenged, and empowered.

UCR Professors Barry Barish and Richard Schrock wait in a question booth.

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist and Chemist

Barry Barish & Richard Schrock

Professor Barish (pictured left), is recognized for his decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves. Professor Schrock (pictured right), is recognized for his development of a catalyst for a reaction now used daily in the chemical industry for the efficient and more environmentally friendly production of pharmaceuticals, fuels, synthetic fibers, and many other products. (Bonus points to Professor Barish for being a UC alumnus and Professor Schrock for being a UCR alumnus.)

Video: Meet the Nobel Laureates ›

Award-Winning Researcher

Mona Eskandari

Distinguished Teaching awardee and Faculty Mentor of the Year winner, Mona Eskandari, uses her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering to drive new technologies for medical advancements. (Bonus points to Professor Eskandari for putting UCR on the map with her current COVID-19 lung biomechanics research, which investigates overventilation and the respiratory-damaging nature of the virus.)

Video: UCR Women in stem ›

UCR Professor Mona Eskandari.
UCR Professor John Jennings.

Designer, Curator, Illustrator, and Cartoonist

John Jennings

Two-time Eisner Award winner, graphic novelist, and essayist for Marvel Comics, John Jennings, is dedicated to publishing speculative graphic novels by and about people of color. (Bonus points to Professor Jennings for creating “The Luke Cage Illustrated Syllabus,” which featured as a UCR Arts exhibit.)

podcast: Professor Jennings ›

Acclaimed Author

Susan Straight

Susan Straight is an eight-time published novelist, a finalist for the National Book Award, Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and the National Magazine Award, and an all-around empowerer of women. (Bonus points to Professor Straight for being a Riverside native.)

podcast: Professor Straight ›

UCR Professor Susan Straight.


A diverse group of UCR students walk down the stairs towards the HUB.

Make Friends & Have Fun

At UCR, you’ll encounter a kaleidoscope of faces, narratives, and cultures through Highlanders with roots spanning the United States and over 80 countries.

Imagine all these stories, merging with yours in vibrant Riverside — a progressive city that’s central to everything that makes Southern California a magical place to live, play, and study. Check out these essential UCR programs and departments and prepare yourself to live like a Highlander.

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We Think Big, So You Can Do Big!

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UC Riverside is one of The Princeton Review’s top colleges in the nation for sustainability practices. (2021)

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UCR is the top performing school in the nation on social mobility according to U.S. News & World Reports. (2021)

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UCR ranks among Money Magazine’s best colleges in the United States for quality and affordability. (2020)


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