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Congratulations on your admittance to UC Riverside!

We recognize your impressive accomplishments and vigorous drive, and we know our campus can keep that same energy pumping as you work toward your university degree.

We’ve been waiting for a Highlander just like you. Why? Because you have a unique story, and we want to be part of it. Because of your commitment to excellence and our ability to take you there. But most importantly, because your realness intrigues us, and we’re excited to see what you’ll add to our campus community.

As you begin the process of selecting a campus, we encourage you to choose a university that sees your individuality and hears your voice. Choose UCR!




Share the Excitement & Customize Your “Admitted to UCR” Moments

This is your moment — shout it to the world. Use #IAMUCR when sharing your admittance news on Instagram for a chance to be featured on UCR Undergraduate Admissions' @LifeatUCR Instagram page. Download Highlander GIPHY stickers, Instagram Effects, and Zoom backgrounds to make every virtual moment a special Highlander moment.


Giphy Stickers

Find UCR-specific GIFs and stickers by searching these keywords: UCR, UC Riverside, and Riverside on any social media app. Press and hold to save the GIF/sticker to your phone, and copy and paste from your camera roll. You can also view all of our GIPHY Stickers on UCR's official GIPHY account.


Heart-shaped "UCR Bound" animated GIF with Scotty.
Circle-shaped "Future Highlander" animated GIF with "Unique - Committed - Real."
Egg-shaped "UCR Blue & Gold" animated GIF with Scotty.
"I Got In" UC Riverside animated GIF with sparkling stars.
Animated GIF with "Unique - Committed - Real, Just Like You."
Animated GIF of #IAMUCR.
"UCR Bound" animated GIF with Scotty celebrating.

Instagram Effects

To find UCR-specific Instagram Effects, open the Instagram app on your device and select the option to create a new story. Once the carousel of effects appears on your screen, swipe all the way to the right and select "Browse Effects," and search keywords: UCR, UC Riverside, and Riverside.


UCR Student demonstrates Go, Blue Gold! Instagram effect.Instagram
UCR Student demonstrates Confetti Shower Instagram effect.Instagram
UCR Student demonstrates Scotty-fy Yourself! Instagram effect.Instagram
UCR Student demonstrates "Choose-a-Frame" Instagram filter.Instagram

Zoom Backgrounds

Show that you're a Highlander at heart! Add yourself to a variety of UCR backgrounds — perfect for an online meeting, class, or call! To add a custom background to Zoom, select the "Setup" icon on the corner or "Preferences" from the main menu. In the side menu, select "Virtual Background." Select the arrow next to the video options and upload the desired image from your desktop. 


Download: UC Riverside Zoom Background - UCR Orange Groves and Mountains.Download
Download: UC Riverside Zoom Background - UCR Trees in gold monotone.Download
Download: UC Riverside Zoom Background - Bell Tower with Snowy Mountains.Download
Download: UC Riverside Zoom Background - Scotty Bench StatueDownload



@lifeatucr Instagram Logo.


Follow @LifeatUCR to get to know other Highlanders and explore student life! Share a post and use #IAMUCR to celebrate your admission. You could be selected as a feature in this gallery!





UCR Students holding up a Highlander Pride banner at the Spring Splash concert.

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Students holding up signs with social media icons.

Thanks to You, #iamUCR!

This is your big moment and we know you have something to say about it! Check out the #iamUCR Kudoboard to share your excitement about getting into UCR and to thank all the amazing people in your life who helped make this all possible. And, post congratulations messages to your friends who also got into UCR. Don't forget to share the link with your biggest fans and supporters so they can post special notes for you too. 

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